What EJ believes in and will fight for

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Economic Opportunity through Accountable Government that Works for People

The COVID-19 crisis highlighted the challenges of those who need help – and revealed that our current state government has prioritized the needs of the wealthy and connected over the needs of the local community. EJ will fight for a minimum wage increase, protect against union busting and work to create incentives for businesses to help create jobs that pay a living wage. EJ will also work to help fix the broken unemployment system and investigate the criminal negligence around the DEO’s broken CONNECT system and the lack of transparency from the state and its COVID-19 response.

Expand Healthcare Coverage to Protect Our Local Community 

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, one in three adults in St. Lucie County did not have health insurance.  Even with many people now unemployed and unable to afford to see a doctor if they get sick, our current state representative didn’t support expanding Medicaid to help our local community.  EJ wants to take immediate action to expand Medicaid coverage and preserve federal tax dollars to provide healthcare for our people. Expanding healthcare coverage will help protect all of us from the painful losses of COVID-19.

Restore Our Waterways and Protect Our Environment

EJ understands that it takes a long-term commitment to effectively address the local environmental crisis, but also requires the urgency to act now and prioritize cleaning up the chemical run-offs that have created the disturbing algae blooms that have disrupted our inland waterways. EJ will prioritize restoring full funding to the Department of Environmental Protection so current environmental laws and regulations will be actively enforced, fight to protect our coastlines from oil drilling and fracking, and work to insure Amendment 1 funding is actually used for conservation.

Prioritize Our Public Schools and Teachers

Our public schools and teachers have been woefully underfunded as our current state government has expanded using public dollars to allow funding of private school vouchers, while not requiring those private schools to maintain the same educational standards as public schools. EJ will fight to bring home more funding from Tallahassee for our public schools and teachers, discourage overtesting and unfunded mandates, and further encourage the innovative programs the St. Lucie and Martin Schools have already demonstrated to help every child thrive and succeed.

Committed to Treating all People Fairly

Every citizen deserves to be treated with fairness, dignity and respect.  EJ is committed to fighting for changes that will help ensure that every citizen of District 83 and the State of Florida can feel safe, secure and confident that they will be treated with fairness and respect, from interacting with local law enforcement to exercising their constitutional right to vote.

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