Meet EJ Bernier

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Upbringing & Family Life

EJ was raised on the Treasure Coast by his working-class parents. EJ’s mother worked as a waitress while his father, who served in the United States Marine Corps, worked as a machinist. His parents taught EJ the value of hard work and the importance of supporting their family and local community.

EJ and his wife Alise, a speech language pathologist who works at the St. Lucie County School District, are raising two wonderful sons, 6 year-old Matthew and 20-month old Miles. They understand the needs and concerns of the many working families that make the Treasure Coast their home.

Military Service & Career

EJ served in the United States Marine Corps as a Communications Specialist. Following his military service, EJ enrolled in the University of South Florida Indian River State College and earned an A.S. degree in Emergency Medical Services. After completing his degree and training, EJ was hired by St. Lucie County Fire District in 2008 as a firefighter / paramedic.

EJ has been proudly serving his community for the last 12 years, and has been on the front lines of helping the local community respond to the challenges of COVID-19. He has seen first hand the critical importance of healthcare as well as the many economic challenges people are facing due to lost jobs and reduced wages as a result of the pandemic.

Path to Leadership

EJ first learned the power of public service when he tried to take advantage of the GI Bill to attend college. EJ submitted several applications for support through the GI Bill but was told he did not qualify. EJ’s Mom served Senator Bob Graham lunch one day at her restaurant, and explained EJ’s situation. Senator Graham asked EJ’s Mom to have EJ write a letter with details about the situation and the Senator would take action. Shortly after writing to Sen. Graham, EJ received a letter from the VA, confirming that he did qualify for the GI Bill benefits – and EJ even received back benefits for the school semester he had already started.

EJ has been involved in Florida politics for many years, volunteering for candidates he believes in and educating himself on local issues.  This is EJ’s first time running for office. He is inspired to bring the values of his upbringing combined with his love for community service to help improve the lives of the people in his district.

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